Mission Statement

BeAM is a network of makerspances where you are given thetools and space to turn plastics, metal, wood, electronics,and fabric into art, fun, and solutions for scientific andtechnical challenges.

BeAM is a network of makerspaces with tools and space
to turn various materials into art, fun, and solutions
for scientific and technical challenges.


Inspire every UNC TarHeel to Take a Risk, Make a Difference, and Be A Maker.


To cultivate and empower a UNC community and culture to imagine, design and create things that solve, fascinate and inspire.

Core Values

EVERYONE IS A MAKER: BeAM provides a safe environment where every person feels welcome and empowered.

BeAM IS A COMMUNITY: BeAM is its users. If you use UNC BeAM, you own it. Learn from someone else, teach the next one.

BeAM INSPIRES: A new generation of undergraduates.

BeAM TURBOCHARGES: Students, faculty, and staff, and represents Carolina as an exciting place for them to grow as a person and as a citizen of North Carolina and the world.

BeAM CELEBRATES: The power of teams to identify problems, create solutions, and generate ideas to address the world’s greatest challenges.

BeAM SERVES: The community through outreach and partnerships with community entrepreneurship groups.


BeAM is thoroughly committed to a culture of safety.  This is embodied by our constant and pervasive interest in helping every maker to be a safer maker.  Every member of our community plays a role in overseeing, helping, guiding, and teaching. We foster  an environment of mutual support and responsibility, where directions and guidance are offered and received openly.

Our safety doctrine, policies, and procedures are enumerated in the BeAM Safety Manual and inculcated during all training and workshops.

Student measuring wood Hand holding electronic switch Female student smiling with shop glasses and laptop computer with circuit