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3D printers take a digital 3D design that has been sliced into layers, and print those layers out one at a time to create a physical object. BeAM provides CPE plastic filament for use in its Ultimaker 3D printers.

Makerspaces that have these tools: Murray and Carmichael

Ready to start making with the 3D printer? The first step is to sign a Safety Waiver and Release, complete the Sakai orientation module, attend an orientation training, and complete the 3D printer Sakai module by clicking below. Onyen login required. Please note that waivers are not a registration for trainings.

Complete the Sakai training module to use this tool

3D Printer Frequently Asked Questions

When facing the front of the 3-D printer rack, there are bins at the bottom right that are labeled with the names of the printers. Your print should be in a bag in the bin matching the name of the 3-D printer you used. Your print is not in one of those bins? It’s possible that your print failed and there was nothing to recover. We keep all 3D printer forms and they can be referenced to find out the fate of your print. If your print failed, it will have a reason for failure written in the description section. Be sure to take a look at the following FAQs for what to do about each message.
To help your next print stick to the bed, try adding a brim. In Cura, brims are located in the “Build Plate Adhesion” section of custom settings in Cura. For small attachments to the build plate the brim acts as an anchor to help keep your print stable. If you’ve got a large print that takes up most of the build plate you might also want to enable a brim in Cura. For large prints the brim keeps the edges attached to the bed, which prevents irregular shrinkage or warping as the print is in progress. Be sure to tell a staff member as well, there are multiple steps our staff can take to maintain the printer.
If you didn’t have support enabled, enable it. “Support” is designed to literally support overhangs, which are areas that float in mid-air. Generating support will only be enabled by Cura for overhangs of specific amounts, which can be defined and are defaulted to 60 degrees. When generating support, you can choose between “Touching Buildplate”, ideal when there are areas inside the print that you don’t want support material printed, and “Everywhere”, which adds support anywhere that the model might need it.
First, visually check the roll of filament on the back of the printer. If the roll looks low, ask a staff member to help you verify. Cura tells you how many grams the print will need, so the staff member will unload the filament and weigh it. If it’s very close to the amount you need, they’ll make a judgement call on whether to put a new roll on or allow you proceed with the amount available.
Yes! Remove the front clips and slide the glass plate off the bed. Set the plate on a desk and remove the print. Find the form and notate if the print was successful or not. Add any notes that you see are pertinent, then contact the person that printed it via email or text message to communicate that the print is ready. Put the print and the form, even if it failed, in a small bag in the bin with the same label as the printer that it came from. Replace the glass plate and run your print!
No. Once a roll reaches a low point, we will restock the printer with a full roll. The smaller portions are allocated to an APS research project for recycling filament.
No. You can wait for one of the printers that has the color you’d like to use to open up or use what is available and finish your print by painting it.
Absolutely! Your print can be sanded and painted for a finished quality look. Check out our 3-D Printer Finishing Guide for a detailed step-by-step breakdown of the process.
The most effective strategy is to reduce the size by at least 50% and run a test print. This will expose issues in the design and/or printer without the cost of a larger print. Adjust settings for infill, support density and pattern to reduce the print time without sacrificing quality.

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