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BeAM Premium Access

Welcome to BeAM’s Premium Access pilot program. This fee-based system allows researchers, entrepreneurs, and startup members to access our Murray makerspace outside of open hours so they have increased flexibility to conduct their research and prototyping.

Becoming a Premium Access Maker (PA Maker) will allow you to continue entering any of our makerspaces during open hours at no charge, but you’ll also gain exclusive access during Reserved (R4) blocks, which are open and staffed only for Premium Access users. Once you’ve completed training, have experience on specific tools, and pass a competency test with a full-time staff member, you can earn a “Super Maker” certification. This qualifies you to access the Murray makerspace during unstaffed/after-hours, which has a lower, hourly rate.

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Hourly Rates

Hourly Rates           Access Level:                    Non-UNC:                   UNC Affiliate:
PA Maker               R4 Hours Only                  $35/hr                         $25/hr
Super Maker         R4 and After-Hours           $25/hr                        $15/hr

Services and Access

– Access to Murray makerspace during exclusive “R4” hours
– Trained staff onsite to assist during regular open hours and R4 hours
– Two, 30-minute consultations with full-time staff
– Access to Slack channel with faster, round-the-clock response times
– Connectivity and networking opportunities

Super Maker Requirements

– Log a minimum of 5 hours on the tool or equipment you’d like to access after-hours
– Complete the after-hours training module in Sakai (coming soon)
– Meet with a full-time staff member to review tool and space requirements to earn certification

BeAM Premium Access Hours

Murray12:00pm - 5:00pm Closed7:00pm - 9:00pm 8:00am - 10:00am7:00pm - 9:00pm8:00am - 10:00amClosed