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Building a toolbox for success with the APSE minor and BeAM

Pair in the woodshop at the BeAM MakerSpace
Cy Pair is always looking for an opportunity to design, build, and create.

Equipped with a minor in applied sciences and engineering (APSE) experience as a staff member at BeAM and as a teaching assistant (TA) in APPL110 Introduction to Design and Making, Pair is ready to embark on his professional journey as he nears graduation.

“The APSE minor and my experience working at BeAM have been the most important and valuable educational experiences for me at Carolina,” Pair, a physics major, says. “A lot of people are engineers, and a lot of people are collaborative. APSE and BeAM have made me someone who is both.”

After graduating in May, Pair will begin in the sales department at PROTECT3D, a Durham startup company that utilizes 3D technology to create casts, braces, and protective equipment for athletes and orthopedic patients. “I’m excited to work for a company that will have a tangible impact,” Pair explains. “I believe in its mission to help make this incredible technology accessible and expand products into general orthopedics.”

In his role, Pair will meet with medical professionals to explain the value of the 3D technology to enhance patient treatment and outcomes. “The APSE minor has given me the background knowledge I need to be able to communicate effectively and tailor what I’m offering to a client’s needs,” he says.

As a staff member at BeAM, Pair teaches others and hones his technical skills primarily in the woodshop and laser cutter tool areas. “I have used the tools in the woodshop to create large-scale woodwork including furniture and a surfboard and then used the laser cutter to add my own artwork to these designs,” Pair shares. Eventually, he hopes to open his own retail shop featuring his custom work.

“The BeAM MakerSpace is such a creative, collaborative, and positive environment,” Pair adds. “I would go into the space without a specific project in mind and get inspiration and ideas from others. Even if you’re not an engineer, you can still build something. BeAM allows you to jumpstart your creativity.”

Pair praises the mentorship and support of APS faculty member Dr. Rich Goldberg and Professor of the Practice Dr. Glenn Walters, as well as MakerSpace technical supervisor D.J. Fedor. “They are very helpful, passionate, and excited about what they’re doing. Their guidance has helped me make important networking connections, too.”

“The APSE minor and BeAM have provided me with literal and figurative tools and given me confidence and creativity to use these tools in the right way,” Pair says. “I will continue to use these skills to build and create for the rest of my life.”

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