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At this time, BeAM’s Design Innovation Hub is only able to work with official UNC affiliates.

Design Innovation Hub

Welcome! BeAM’s Design Innovation Hub is here to help you design, prototype, and fabricate physical items for almost any project. Services can be tailored to fit your needs, including:

  • existing or desired skill and experience
  • bandwidth
  • timeline
  • desire for a DIY approach
  • budget
  • desired outputs
  • project stage



Schedule a consultation with us today to discuss options. While we can likely provide assistance at any stage of your project, it helps us to engage as early in the process as possible so we can help you decide if and when BeAM DIH services and supports are appropriate.   

Meet With Our Experts

Make an appointment with Glenn Walters for: 

Project planning and coordination

Advanced design

Advanced prototyping and fabrication

Make an appointment with D.J. Fedor for:

Metal or wood fabrication support


Make an appointment with Drew Robertson for:

Digital fabrication support


Anna EngelkeMake an appointment with Anna Engelke for:

Designing and implementing broader impacts for grant programs

Curriculum development


Not sure where to start with a consultation? Email us a brief description of your project and desired level of support and we’ll follow up with a meeting to discuss options. 


What We Offer

  • Open studio spaces – HAC, Murray, Carmichael (bubble images of each space)
  • The BeAM DIH offers a wide array of tools and equipment ranging from screw drivers and measuring tapes to SLA 3D printers. An even more advanced range of tools can be utilized through Dr. Glenn Walters and D.J. Fedor for design and fabrication assistance. 
  • Tools and equipment – Metal and wood fabrication, 3D printing, textiles, electronics… (borrow from Anna’s tool icons)
  • Skill and expertise (can be multiple)
  • Student staff – basic support
  • BeAM Technical Supervisors – intermediate/skilled support
  • Professional Engineer – advanced design, prototyping, and fabrication
  • When you’re ready to get started, follow the checklist outlined below:


Access and Training Checklist 

  • Set up iLab account here: (link to iLab account setup connected to BeAM) 
  • Complete BeAM training packet (link to Microsoft form) 


Featured Technology


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