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You must complete the introductory BeAM 101 training before you can complete any of the BeAM tool trainings. Learn more here.

Embroidery machines can create patterns of thread on various types of fabric using a series of programmable needles. BeAM provides embroidery thread and hoops for the embroidery machine, but users must provide their own fabric. Makerspaces that have these tools: Murray and Carmichael

Ready to start making with the embroidery machines? After you’ve completed BeAM 101, you can take the Embroidery Machine training. It’s a combination of an online Sakai orientation module, and an in-person practice session led by BeAM staff.

Complete the Sakai training module to use this tool

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Upcoming Trainings

After you complete the online Sakai module, you can find a list of upcoming Embroidery Training sessions here.