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Maker in Residence

For the Maker In Residence, Spring 2017, program, student participants got to meet and learn the basics of puppet making and forming techniques from Donovan Zimmerman with PaperHand. Students from many different backgrounds are part of the program, and they were all filled with a desire to make interesting and creative objects.

Donovan started the first session by showing examples of his work, and then gave a hands-on tutorial of how to sculpt and make forms using simple materials such as cardboard and masking tape. Everybody had a lot of fun, and all participants quickly took to the tools Donovan showed them to begin sketching, and bring their forms to life.

The images accompanying this article are from the program’s Capstone Event, held on April 7th, 2017, at the Historic Playmakers Theatre. At the event, Donovan Zimmerman led a fantastic presentation and performance that entertained an audience of all ages with the great creations our students made during the previous two months.

Donovan Zimmerman performs final checks on student masks