Staff & Faculty Training

Staff & Faculty Training in the Wood Shop

Staff & Faculty Training, Summer 2017

After each semester, when many students have graduated or left for holidays, BeAM offers training classes for staff and faculty at our Murray Hall facility. Fully equipped with 3D printers, laser cutters, sewing machines, a wood shop, and a metal shop, you can join in to find infinite possibilities for creating, learning, instruction, and entrepreneurship. Students are of course welcome as well! These training sessions were offer in May of 2017..

Prerequisite: No previous experience required
Description: An introduction to BeAM’s safety protocols, training regimen, and a hands-on activity with a few of the tools this training will allow you to use. Orientation is a prerequisite for all Murray Hall and Hanes Art Center Makerspace trainings and use of the facilities. A tour of the makerspace will also take place.

LASER CUTTER Training – 1 hour
Prerequisite: Orientation
Description: Learn to cut and engrave using BeAM’s laser cutters. Training includes instruction on machine operation, file preparation, and hands-on use of the machines. Laser cutters are one of BeAM’s most accessible digital fabrication technologies.

3D PRINTER Training – 1 hour
Prerequisite: Orientation
Description: This training covers the hands-on use of the 3D printers using files you find online or create yourself.

WOODSHOP Training – 2 hours
Prerequisite: Orientation
Description: A two-hour training session focusing on BeAM’s woodworking tools. This session covers safety, shop policies and a hands-on activity.