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You must complete the introductory BeAM 101 training before you can complete any of the BeAM tool trainings.

Tools in this Category

3D Printing Pens
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Foam Cutter
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Rotary Tool
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Cricut Maker
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Button Maker
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Hand Tools
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Power Drills
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Acrylic Bender
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Vacuum Former
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Training and Resources

Click on the ‘BeAM 101’ button below to learn how to complete the BeAM 101 training at BeAM.

Finished with the training, but looking for more resources? Click on the ‘Quick Guides’ for helpful reference material, or the ‘Project Ideas’ for design suggestions.

BeAM 101 ButtonBeAM 101 Button
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All new BeAM users must complete BeAM 101, a series of 3 steps that will create a training record for you in the BeAM database and orient you to the BeAM community. BeAM 101 unlocks access to all BeAM makerspaces and to the basic tools category. It’s also a prerequisite for BeAM’s tool trainings.

Step 1: BeAM Waiver and Release

The first step to joining the BeAM community is to sign the BeAM Waiver and Release here. This puts you into the BeAM database, so it’s critical to complete this step first before moving on to the training.


Step 2: Online Module

The next step is to enroll into the BeAM Training Canvas site here. You will need to complete the BeAM 101 Training Introduction quiz and earn at least 80%.

After receiving at least 80% on the quiz at the end of the training, your record will automatically update in the BeAM database.

Step 3: BeAM 101 Session

The last step is to attend a hands-on, in-person BeAM 101 workshop to complete your certification. See list of upcoming sessions here.

Project Ideas