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BeAM@CAROLINA is a network of makerspaces where you can join the UNC maker community in the design and making of physical objects for education, research, entrepreneurship and recreation. You can participate in open studios, training sessions, workshops, host classes and group activities in spaces equipped with emerging technologies like 3D printing as well as wood and metalworking shops.

What do you want to use?

3d printing
Basic tools
Laser cutter
Metal shop
Vinyl cutter
Wood shop

Minor in Applied Sciences and Engineering!

APS offers a minor that trains students with an engineering and entrepreneurial mindset. Build on the foundation from your math and science courses and engage in hands-on engineering applications of real-world challenges. Don’t want to commit to a minor? Enroll in APPL110 to get a feel for the program.

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Our Staff

Anna Engelke
Anna Engelke

Education Program Manager
D.J. Fedor
D.J. Fedor

Traditional Fabrication Specialist

Kyle Glochick

Administrative Coordinator
Kenny Langley
Kenny Langley

BeAM Director
Tricia Maloney
Drew Robertson

Digital Fabrication Specialist

Research and Course Support



Support for integrating design and making into your courses



Prototyping and Research

Support in using BeAM’s tools for research



What’s Happening at BeAM

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BeAM Joins Camp Carolina

BeAM makes face shields for health care workers

APS and BeAM Join KEEN, an Engineering Network

Makerspaces Connect, Collaborate on COVID-19

Joining forces on face shields

Fire up the engine

MakNet Sewing Workshops