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Let us know in HeelLife if you are coming to MakerFest Spring 2024! Click here.

UNC Makers and supporters are invited to participate in Carolina’s Spring 2024 BeAM MakerFest! Show off your creations from class or personal projects, or share your ideas and prototypes from research or entrepreneurial efforts. There will be prizes, maker competitions, mini-events, hands-on maker challenges, as well as refreshments. No matter your experience level or reason for making, or even if you just want to support makers and check it out, everyone is welcome.

Let us know if you’re planning on attending by registering through HeelLife here: Thanks for being a part of the maker community at UNC and we hope to see you, your friends, and coworkers on April 29th.


Applications have closed for this semester, see you at MakerFest!

Want to be a MakerFest exhibitor and win MakerFest awards?

Sign up to reserve your spot by Monday, April 22nd!

Exhibitor capacity is limited, and table space is assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis.


     Photos: University Communications, MakerFest 2021

MakerFest 2021
MakerFest 2021
MakerFest 2021
MakerFest 2021


MakerFest Awards:


If you exhibit a project at MakerFest, you have the chance to win several fabulous prizes provided by RYOBI Tools along with award medals made by BeAM staff! Some of these awards are Audience Choice, meaning that the MakerFest attendees will vote on a winner, while others are Judges’ Choice, where a panel of professionals will choose a winner for each category. Check out the descriptions below


Audience Choice:


Most Creative: Original, inventive, unexpected, unique

Best Mixed Media: Combines tools and materials

Best All-Around: “Best in Show” – the crowd’s favorite


Judge’s Choice:


RYOBI Innovative Maker Award

  • Prototypes a thoughtful solution to a real-world problem
  • Made using handheld BeAM tools (e.g. power drill, rotary tool, etc.)

UNC Academic Impact Award

  • Connects project design to academic coursework
  • Uses making to advance knowledge of a subject

KEEN Entrepreneurial Mindset Award

  • Novel connection to emerging research or interdisciplinary applications
  • Uses making to advance knowledge of a subject

BeAM Staff Spotlight Award

  • Awarded to an individual or a group that works at BeAM
  • Voted on by BeAM staff


MakerFest Maps and Programs:


Fall 2021 MakerFest Map

Fall 2021 MakerFest Exhibitors

Spring 2022 MakerFest Map

Spring 2022 MakerFest Exhibitors

Fall 2022 MakerFest Map

Fall 2022 MakerFest Exhibitors

Spring 2023 MakerFest Map

Spring 2023 MakerFest Exhibitors

Fall 2023 MakerFest Map

Fall 2023 MakerFest Exhibitors

Spring 2024 MakerFest Map

Spring 2024 MakerFest Exhibitors