UNC-Chapel Hill is an institution of innovative learning, where educators continually pioneer creative ideas for new curriculum. BeAM is here to help, supporting faculty and instructors who want to integrate the makerspaces into their courses.

“The biggest success and most pleasant surprise was the degree to which students’ imaginations were captured in class for the subject material as a consequence of the project”

– Faculty member describing his students’ makerspace project


The makerspaces have been integrated into classes from a variety of disciplines, including Art History, Biology, Chemistry, Education, English, Geography, Geology, Physics, Psychology, Women & Gender Studies, and many more. Our staff can work closely with you to create makerspace projects that engage your students in a deep exploration of your course content.
Yes! We are happy to schedule group trainings and workshops for your students. We can also schedule one private session per semester for your students to have exclusive access to the makerspace. Additionally, we provide course support hours for larger courses to match an experienced makerspace staff member with your students.
Absolutely! If you fill out the contact form below, the BeAM Program Coordinator will be in contact with you to set up a consultation. During this consultation, we’ll discuss project ideas, scheduling needs, the prototyping process, and other ways that BeAM can support you with your makerspace course integration.
BeAM supports higher education instructors in a number of different ways. We can schedule private sessions for your students, prototype project and curriculum ideas with you, connect you to various makerspace resources, and even offer a small supplies budget for items that fall outside of the standard materials we provide in the makerspace.
Yes! Apply to be part of the Makerspace Faculty Learning Community for the 2019-2020 academic year. Members of the Makerspace FLC receive a $5,000 stipend for their time as well as a materials prototyping budget and increased access to the makerspace for their students. View the application on the QEP website here.

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