UNC-Chapel Hill is an institution of innovative learning, where educators continually pioneer creative ideas for new curriculum. BeAM is here to help, supporting faculty and instructors who want to integrate the makerspaces into their courses.

Learn more about how design, making, and makerspaces fit into the new Gen Ed Curriculum.

Learn more about how to apply to be part of the Makerspace Faculty Learning community and receive a $5,000 stipend.


Yes! We are happy to schedule group trainings and workshops for your students during your class period. For larger classes, we can also schedule blocks of trainings reserved for your students during our course reservable hours. To schedule trainings or workshops, please email Anna Engelke, BeAM Program Coordinator, at

You can also schedule private makerspace access for your students during our course reservable hours. Please limit your reservation to two 3-hour blocks per semester, so that other courses can use the space. To reserve access hours, use our booking system here.

Redesigning or adding elements to your course always takes time, but the BeAM staff are here to support your work with makerspace course integration. One option is to start with a small project over a short time frame, rather than a larger semester-long project. Another option is to tie in your existing assignments into the design process, ensuring that your favorite assignments directly support your design/making project.

Want to know more about this process? Take a look at our Makerspace Course Design flyer.

Absolutely! If you fill out the contact form below, the BeAM Program Coordinator will be in contact with you to set up a consultation. During this consultation, we’ll discuss project ideas, scheduling needs, the prototyping process, and other ways that BeAM can support you with your makerspace course integration.

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