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3D Printing

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You will learn how the creation of a 3D printed object is achieved using additive processes. In an additive process an object is created by laying down successive layers of material until the object is created. Each of these layers can be seen as a thinly sliced horizontal cross-section of the eventual object.

Your process begins with making a virtual design of the object you want to create. This virtual design is for instance a CAD, Computer Aided Design, file, which is created using a 3D modeling application or with a 3D scanner, to copy an existing object.

From 3D Model to 3D Printer
You will learn how to prepare a 3D model before it is ready to be 3D printed. This is what is called slicing. Slicing is dividing a 3D model into hundreds or thousands of horizontal layers and needs to be done with software.

Sometimes a 3D model can be sliced from within a 3D modeling software application. It is also possible that you are forced to use a certain slicing tool for a certain 3D printer. When your 3D model is sliced, you are ready to feed it to your 3D printer. This can be done via USB, SD or wifi. It really depends on what brand and type 3D Printer you want to use. When a file is uploaded in a 3D printer, the object is ready to be 3D printed layer by layer. The 3D printer reads every slice and creates a three dimensional object.

At BeAM, you will have a variety of 3D Printers to choose from!